Precision Gears Specialists

Precision gear specialists

Precision gear specialists serving the UK and Europe

Precision gears and components

High standard precision gears and components

With more than 40 years' experience in the precision component industry, The Turner Gear & Engineering Company offers a comprehensive range of products and services. Our highly skilled and dedicated team of engineers have a wealth of experience in working to customers' precise specifications. Get in touch with a member of our team today.

Precision gears and component capacities

The capacities of the in-house precision gears and components that we provide are as follows:
• Spur/helical gears to 56" dia (1420mm)
• Worms and wormwheels to 30" dia (760mm) to 5:1 ratio
• Bevel gears to 26" dia (660mm)
• Racks and pinions to 3DP (9 mod)
• Internal and external splines - straight sided/involute (British, American Continental Specs)
• Gear grinding to 12" dia (330mm) and 4 DP (6 mod)
• Tooth rounding
• Special forms generated
• General machining
• Broaching
• Keyways

High quality manufacturing at competitive prices

From in-house production of gears, worm wheels, racks and pinions to gear grinding, tooth rounding and general machining, we guarantee outstanding quality at highly competitive prices.

Industry sectors served

We serve the following industry sectors:
• Marine
• Steel
• Food production
• Rail and transport
• Printing
• Machinery manufacturing
We provide vintage transmission spare parts and traction engine gears according to your precise specifications. We also give you expert advice for modifications and other issues. Based in West Midlands and Wolverhampton, the Turner Gear and Engineering Company serves the UK and Europe.
Gears and component creation
Get in touch with The Turner Gear & Engineering Company, the precision gear specialists
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